teisipäev, 18. august 2015

Veel värvilisi kleite / More Colored Dresses

 Kuna neil kahel lehel oli kokku päris mitu kleiti, siis püüdsin saapad värvida kõigiga enam-vähem sobivalt. Pisut ehk igavavõitu valik.
As there were quite a few dresses on those two pages, I tried to color the boots more or less coordinating with all. Maybe a bit boring choice.

2 kommentaari:

  1. The grey boots are certainly my favorite of the boots. I do think I also often choose neutral colors for the shoes for my paper dolls. Sometimes I do regret that, too. It can seem boring.

    1. All the black boots are all very simple and basic but the grey ones a bit more interesting for me too.
      I probably get my choices of footwear for dolls from my own choices of footwear, but that is somewhat holding me back, as the nature of paper dolls should let one make them wear even things that may not be able to exist in 3d world.