neljapäev, 12. august 2010


Eile õhtul tegin lõpuks teoks mõtte, mis mul juba ammu oli -- pabernukk, kes kannab moode kahekümnendatest aastatest. Tema nimi on Wilhelmine. Ma tahtsin, et ta meenutaks välimuselt ka tolle aja moejooniseid, nii et ta proportsioonid ja asend on võetud ühest pesutikkimise raamatust, mis mu ema antikvariaadist leidis. Ka tema aluskleit on sealt, aga pesu, mida ta kannab, on mu enda väljamõeldis.


Yesterday I finally draw a doll I had in my mind for a long time -- one who would wear clothes from the twenties. Her name is Wilhelmine. I wanted her looks to remind real fashion drawings from that time so I based her proportions on a picture from a book my mother found from used books shop. Her under dress is also from there but shirt and knickers are from my own head.

2 kommentaari:

  1. Her underwear is really neat with the ribbon and the lace. She reminds me of the early twenties which, I must confess, is one of my favorite eras of clothing. I couldn't wear it myself, but I love the beading, the details and the art deco tone of the whole time.