esmaspäev, 12. august 2013

Teine kostüüm / The Second Skirt Suit

Kostüüm jälle ajakirjast Maret. Ma leidsin selle 1937nda aasta aprilli numbri antikvariaadist ja seal on muuhulgas ka terve hulk moejooniseid. See kostüüm on kirja järgi tumesinine. Lisaks on veel karusnahk, aga ma ei osanud seda Valerie poosiga sobitada, võib-olla joonistan selle hiljem.


A skirt suit again from the magazine Maret. I found the April 1937 number of it in a antique book store and in it is also quite a few fashion drawings. It is written that this suit is dark blue. There is also fur but I didn't know how to fit it with Valerie's pose, maybe I'll draw it later.

2 kommentaari:

  1. The stitching details on the jacket and skirt are lovely and I really like the hat. I have trouble drawing hats, but they are such an important part of 1930's outfits. Was Maret a fashion magazine? I'm not familiar with it.

    1. Thank you! I agree that hats are difficult to draw for paper dolls and I actually had to change the position of the brim so it could be worn by Valerie. The other side was a bit higher.
      It says in the first page that Maret is a monthly magazine for women and homes. It was published in Tartu, Estonia and it came with a pattern sheet.