teisipäev, 12. november 2013

Kleit / A Dress

Johannale. Diagonaalsete kantide all on taskud. Huvitav, kas selline informatsioon on oluline teada pabernukkude puhul? Algul ma mõtlesin, et mitte, aga nüüd ma arvan, et on küll. Mida teie, mu kallid lugejad, arvate?


For Johanna. Under the diagonal edgings are pockets. I wonder if this information is relevant in case of paper dolls. At first I thought it wasn't but now I think it is. What do you, my dear readers, think?

2 kommentaari:

  1. Pockets are important. I mean... I like them, for whatever it might be worth. :) I also love all of the movement which you can see in the skirt. I think it makes for a very fun and a little flirty dress.

    1. I like pockets because they let me carry around lots of stuff that I might need. Not many of the paper doll clothes I've posted seem to have them though. Maybe those that don't seem to have pockets have them hidden in the side seams.

      I'm glad you like that dress. I'm sort of wondering if that dress was to be sewn then what kind of material would be used to make the more sterner bodice and the floatier skirt, if it would be the same material or two different materials.