neljapäev, 22. oktoober 2015


Sõber Fredile. Tal on sama keha, nii et nad jagavad riideid.
Mind osati häirib nende suur pea. Osal saab nii neile joonistada detailsema näo. Samas, kui välja lõigata Fredi, siis ta pea raskuse pärast pisut loperdab. Felicial on vähem juukseid seepärast. Samas mulle meeldivad need hiiglaslikud patsid mis Fredil on.
A friend for Fredi. She has the same body so they share clothes.
Somewhat their big heads annoy me. I can draw them more detailed faces and that's nice. But then again if one cuts out Fred, her head is heavy and wobbles around. That is why Felicia has less hair. But I like those huge braids that Fredi has.

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  1. I rather like her giant head, but then I have a thing for oversized heads. :)

    I love how you did the reflective dots in her eyes. That's a cool technique that I might have to try.