reede, 17. märts 2017


Ma joonistasin selle nuku poolteist aasat tagasi. Aga siis jäi ta lihtsalt nii sama seisma. Ta proportsioonides häiris mind midagi, võib-olla ta pea ja käte suuruse vahekord.

Esimesel lehel on kaks versiooni temast, pikkade juustega oli esimene variant, aga siis ma mõtlesin, et parem oleks ehk, kui ta saaks ka peakatteid ja parukaid kanda.

Ta on samas mõõtkavas, mis Doris, aga veel rohkem stiliseeritud.
I drew this doll a year and a half ago. But then I just left her there. Something about her proportions bothered me, maybe the size relation of her head and hands.

On the first page there are two versions of her, the one with the long hair is first, but then I thought, maybe it would be better, if she could wear hats and wigs.

She is in the same scale as Doris, but even more stylized.

2 kommentaari:

  1. i love the version with the crazy hair! she's fun!

    1. Thank you! I like her better too, but she can't very easily wear any headgear.
      I often want to draw my dolls like they are standing in the wind, their hair and clothes caught in movement.